Yes, but as of right now we are focused on getting our product to market. IPO is a goal. We just can’t put a date on it.

ATLIS is currently a private company, and investment in ATLIS is a long-term play with hopes of a high ROI when we do go public. There is not currently any market for trading ATLIS stock, and we aren’t able to commit to any timing for an IPO currently. That being said, when we do go public, you will become able to trade your ATLIS stock.

The truck is set to go into production in 2022. We are focused on the foundation of the truck which is the battery technology. Without that, we do not have a differentiated solution compared to what else is in or coming to market.

With regards to scaling, we see it as a crawl, walk, run approach to manufacturing. We won’t say that we are going to manufacture and deliver 10’s of thousands next year but we are focused on ensuring the manufacturing process and automation is done correctly without the hiccups that legacy automakers have been plagued with having to refine time and time again.

By ‘ecosystem approach’ we mean that we are not just making a truck or a battery but an entire suite of solutions including cloud integrations, energy storage solutions, development, and deployment of charging stations with services to all electric vehicles including a full range of software and telematics for fleet customers.

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